BODYFIGHT is the #1 fitness trend.

Knee jump shot. In the photo, the author of the training session. The author of the BODYFIGHT project is a mix of bodybuilding, fitness, yoga and kung fu. The main goal of the training sessions is to improve athletic performance, both in terms of time and in terms of weight. The program is divided into levels from "zero" level to high. Each new workout is accompanied by video tutorials that show how to perform the exercises correctly. BODYFIGHT level I-IV is based on the principles of a competition sports program. The main characteristics of this level I-IV training program: * Maximum effort: the training process calls for requires tremendous willpower, determination and energy. * Insolence and laziness: the main characteristic of bad managers. * Lack of principles: the training process calls for emphasizes the need to discard bad habits and slow down, and the development of new ones. * Weak medical system: the training process calls for the development of willpower, requires constant monitoring by doctors. * Superfitness: the training process calls for emphasizes the need to build your own, not to take pre-selected ones. * No. 1 priority: training the body to accept and be comfortable with changes. BODYFIGHT level V-VI training is based on the principles of complex exercises. There are training options for each exercise, and for the muscle group that will receive the most load. * Continuous: the main characteristic of a "good" coach. * Gradual: the process of improving sports performance requires a large number of repetitions, and the speed of performing them increases. * Appropriate weight: the correct technique of performing exercises requires special equipment, and training in this level requires special sports equipment. * Appropriate technique: the technique of performing exercises requires professional supervision, which requires a huge amount of time and energy. * Ballast: the absence of which contributes to the fact that the body tends to "fall down", and the increased load increases the risk of injury. * Clear medical documentation: when performing exercises, it is important to make sure that the exercises are performed correctly, that there is no anatomical distortion, and that the muscle is able to stretch. * Organ: the stomach, sides of the arms, back of the head, legs constitute the bulk of the body. It is important to understand that the training process does not stop here: it includes basic exercises, which are aimed at developing the muscles. And above all, it is extremely important to monitor the body's development, since minor deviations can have a huge impact on your results.